A comb would be good to use when conditioning your hair, while removing the conditioner to release every knot existing. I also use the comb after the shower, to detangle for the air drying process. I also used to comb my hair every morning but I’m currently trying a detangling brush, which is less painfull and faster. Tough combing should always be very gentle and slow, to prevent breakage. As a final note, always chose a wide toothed comb!

For long hair it is important to detangle and to distribute the oils. This last reason in the one for what you’ll use a brush. There are several kinds of brushes (as for thick hair, fine hair...), and you should find out what’s best for your hair as well. In my personal opinion, the best brushes for distributing the oils are the boar bristle brushes (BBB) wich are really gentle, but sometimes a little expensive. Tough it may be a good investment if you want a good brush to keep your hair shiny and soft. I use an imitation of a BBB to brush and detangle my hair, but natural BBBrushes should never be used to detangle hair!!! I use mine because it's made of plastic and it detangles with minimal damage =)

Styling long hair can be lots of fun! Ther are buns, braids, ponytails, half-tails, ringlets, braid waves, everything is possible. Tough always be sure to keep your hair away from chemicals and to style it with love and care. Don’t ever be harsh on it or style it (and even brush/comb it) if you are in a rush. Take your time to treat it and always be gentle. There are also lots of hair accesories and diferent hair ties for you to try... just follow your imagination =)

Sleeping with long hair can sometimes be tricky, and seem to be unbearable, but you’ll get used to it. In my case, I used to lie my hair on my side and slept like this all night. Nowadays I've started braiding my hair, and it's great because my hair is knot free in the morning! Many people braid their hair, make sleep buns, or simply sleep on their hair. Tough one thing you should advoid is to sleep with a ponytail, which will cause breakage if you do.

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