Awkward Stage

Ok… what’s the awkward stage?... It depends. There are some very lucky people who won’t go trough it but it may affect people’s hair when growing it out from a short cut, in very diferent manners, creating “wings”, thin hair, fluffy hair and other boring things that may cause people to get tired and cut their hair before geting to their goal lenght.
The awkward stage usually starts at 6-7 months after the last haircut (when this last cut was really short). To get rid of the awkward stage, you simply have to go trough it and wait... it will be over by the 20th to the 24th month. Tough it will certainly be tricky untill you are over with it.
  Many people may try using gels (geling their hair back) or other styling producs to handle with the awkward stage, but unfortunatly most of this products are really harsh on the hair, causing long term damage. It may lead people to trim their hair later on and loose hard gained lenght.
Well, if you’re on the awkward stage, all I can say is hang in there! And good luck!

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